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Captain America: the Winter Soldier - The Falcon [x]

#SAM WAS SO GREAT LET ME LIST SOME OF THE WAYS #fearlessly chatting with captain america; treating steve like a human being #recognizing something in steve that speaks to having a hard time adjusting to his situation #and bringing it up in a way that doesn’t put steve on the defensive or make it sound like something not perfectly normal #inviting him to a ptsd meeting without making it seem like he thinks steve needs therapy #or that therapy is something to be ashamed about needing #just so casual and so fucking cool #Sam will be your legs before you realize you can’t stand anymore #and he’ll never ever make that about him (via queenklu)

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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

I really love this, because as someone with anxiety when I did take party drugs way back when I was always scared of going to the hospital because I didnt want to be arrested…..even when I bad tripped and cried in the bathroom for 10 hours because I thought Jeff was trying to murder me. I dont do party drugs anymore, but it still is comforting to me….seriously.

Most EMTS and medics I’ve met are some of the most non-judgmental folks ever. Look, we love helping people and saving lives. That’s what we went to school for. Help us help you, and everyone will fare better for it. 

Important to pass along :)


Plus guys EMTs cannot legally tell the police what you took because of doctor-patient confidentiality.  Your friendly neighborhood EMTs will not and cannot call the police or even tell your parents  (with the exception of minors but I seriously doubt your folks would send you to jail.  They’d probably just ground you which is a whole lot nicer than going to prison).  

EMTs are there to help you, not to hurt or embarrass or imprison you.  They are just there to make sure that you don’t die from whatever you’ve taken and that you walk away okay.

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making my way downtown

running fast


running faster

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Friendly reminder that the Duckbill Platypus is not beaver sized but the tiniest most cutest patootie being in existence 


i thought these things were the size of like, large cats or something. ITS FUCKING TINY JESUS


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What has always been so disturbing about yellowface, blackface, brownface and redface is how far the industry is willing to go to not employ people of color. Instead of hiring an Asian-American actor to portray an experience written by an Asian-American writer — an experience that can certainly include a penchant for kung fu — television has historically, aggressively, employed white artists to write about and portray nonwhite people.

But this practice continues in entertainment for reasons far more complicated than the refusal for white Hollywood to employ entertainers and performers of color. Whites donning theatrical makeup and costumes to display blackness, brownness or Asianness is utilized for white viewers to explore and have fun with their collective fears and anxieties surrounding the other.


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"In San Francisco last year, a man stabbed a woman in the face and arm after she didn’t respond positively to his sexually harassing her on the street.

In Bradenton, Fla., a man shot a high school senior to death after she and her friends refused to perform oral sex at his request.

In Chicago, a scared 15-year-old was hit by a car and died after she tried escaping from harassers on a bus.

Again, in Chicago, a man grabbed a 19-year-old walking on a public thoroughfare, pulled her onto a gangway and assaulted her.

In Savannah, Georgia, a woman was walking alone at night and three men approached her. She ignored them, but they pushed her to the ground and sexually assaulted her.

In Manhattan, a 29-year-old pregnant woman was killed when men catcalling from a van drove onto the sidewalk and hit her and her friend.

Last week, a runner in California — a woman — was stopped and asked, by a strange man in a car, if she wanted a ride. When she declined he ran her over twice.

FUCK YOU if you think that street harassment is a “compliment” or “no big deal” or that it’s “irrational” of us to be afraid because “what’s actually gonna happen.” Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you some more."

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Queen latifahas face is perfect.

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♪ Did you ever know that you’re my heeeerooooo ♪

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The video for “Already Home” debuts this Monday on Vevo! Huge thanks Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr for being a part of this - can’t wait for you all to see it.


The video for “Already Home” debuts this Monday on Vevo! Huge thanks Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr for being a part of this - can’t wait for you all to see it.